Monday, March 06, 2006

Hosftra. I know nothing about them, except they are to win. It’s kina like northwestern vs. USC in that rose bowl a while back (12 years) in which, except, for that time, northwestern lost, even though they were supposed to win, but this time, the tables will be turned on fate’s evil whims, you’ll see, hofstra will prevail, it’s colonial conference action.

m68 doesn’t believe. Obviously he is a fool. Forgive him, he knows not what he does, not everyone can have the prognosis skills that I have, of knowing the pride involved with hofstra.

This is very important, vital even. Know it, live it, put all your money plus your goat on this game. And then don’t come after me if you lose, blame it on e-40. congrats in advance on how this will change your life. You’re welcome & I’m sorry.

Does UNC Wilmington have carlos rivera? I don’t think so. Who is carlos rivera. Ha! That’s like saying who is art vandelay. Jesus, man, c’mon, it’s obvious. He’s the antithesis of Lancelot Clokey. He’s the real deal, not a pretender. If you understand that reference give yourself a dollar & send me a bill. Mahalo nui loa and yes it’s true.


muscle68: you will lose
alfred: if by lose you mean win, then yes
alfred: but i will win even by losing
alfred: it's like yoda
muscle68: whoa

update II:

yeah, yeah, I'm sure you all heard, as it was top of the world headlines, hofstra lost. a nation lies in mourning. fuck elvis.