Sunday, April 09, 2006

I just finished reading Factotum. I’m gonna send it off to the person who gave me women, cuz it got me thru, holmes, it got me thru the deep, and that’s some long beach shit, in more ways than one, and the ways and means committees of this planet is what keeps shit crunkin half the time.

It’s too late to change the sheets, and she’s almost organized. Words of wisdom from the source. I’m the man, er, no I’m not, I’m a man. The transcriber of horse shit from the brain. Someday I’m gonna get out of this Podunk, er, glob.

Congrats to Tracy for getting a kick ass poem published in what appears to be a kickass literary online entity. Kudos and, um, wait, candy bars, no, fuck, I dunno, I really don’t know. There was violence outside and I ran. Hey, shit, I’mma be a pops, I don’t have time to get involved in this guy beefin with that guy over 83rd and the 9th, it’s just not in my parameters. Yup, you heard correctly, parameters.

Marmaduke says hi. Wait, no he doesn’t. heatchliff is on payroll. The millionaire’s grandson, not the cat. Not that you thought that. And by cat I mean feline, not cool and composed character from some other decade that may have never existed. I mean, do you have proof? But what do we have proof of? Exactly. Nada, mein freunds.

Sometimes I feel like it’s just run its course. This shit. I mean, really, what the fuck am I doing still pumping this shit out on the non regular? What is the goddamm point? Nobody reads balderdash except people looking for Dan Cortese, and that’s cool & the gang, truss me, not complaining, I mean, I never thought I’d see the day that flavor flav would be reality showing it with hoochies hooched out and chuck just shakin his head and knowing nature of the beast notwithstanding, and there’s no reason that I shouldn’t have thought that, but for some, whatever reason, at the time, I thought it was our shit, or their shit, I didn’t have any preconceived or misconceived or falsetto or whatever notions about my place in this shit, ie none, but I mean, I just thought that, this was some shit that would never get coopted, even though it was already happening, but I didn’t think they’d be blatant about that shit, but maybe it’s just the pawn or the bishop tricking you into thinking that the queen is in charge, when the whole time the rook is sitting up on that balcony in the Hollywood hills laughing at us all.