Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Some people know how to enjoy fine literature. Girl Scout cookies, Mexican beer, and a healthy bowel movement are the perfect accompaniment to thought provoking passages written by one of this generation’s, nigh, any generation’s, finest authors. This is on the authority of the green lantern corps, if they existed. Don’t question, just imbibe.

The one thing about those little blue guys, though, wait, were they blue, not like smurf blue, they were more aqua, was that they were very high fallutin’, they thought they knew everything, which of course they did, but it didn’t make it any less annoying. Maybe that’s why all those robots wanted to kill them and then sneak arsenic into their dog food and ice cream sauce.

I won’t say anything about last nite’s sopranos because it’s so overdone. Not the show, but the commentary. Let’s just say I’m aware and I approve. Of what, well, you know, the whole dillio, the way the show is going. I like it. Now that you’ve read that and understand you may adjust your viewing habits accordingly.

That guy from wings will do a good job as the sandman I think. Someone remind me why I write this crap, again? oh yeah, to push the book. It’s all about the book. Buy it. See how happy that guy looks? He’s taking a crap and reading. Reading this. Er, this when it was better. Back in those dark ages known as 2002 thru 2004. man, if only I could impart to you how good it is. Be a part of the movement. It’s not about money, it’s about crap. The good kind(s). Salud.