Tuesday, May 02, 2006

clipperblog. How did I never find this before? Well worth checking out.

Aaahhh. The clips are in the 2nd round. And, dream sequence, as mentioned before, cue ragnarok, yes I just quoted myself, it looks like it’s gonna be verse the lakes, an all staples extravaganza.

So not only do we get to exorcise the get out of the first round demons (and harsh and stabbing pitchforks full of heathenistic flames they were), but we get the opportunity to show up big brother on the national stage with a berth in the conference finals on the line.

Ooohhh wheeee. Sounds good to me G.

And how bout Reggie Evans grabbing Kaman in the nuts and squeezing? Wow. And no suspension. His own teammates were admitting that they were giving him shit about it. Kaman, the class act from space, shoved the mofo down but didn’t punch him in the face like us normal humans would have done. Thank Allah for stun-set phasers. (Gracias, Yahweh).

I love this, from Mike Dunleavy, via JA Adande (hat tip to Hank Abbott)

"There's not a team out there, matchup-wise, that we don't think we can beat. I'm not saying that we're the favorites or we're better than Detroit or San Antonio, whoever the elite teams have been. But, you know, if they don't come to play well, I think we can beat those kind of teams

"And that's a good thing. That's a great feeling."

And ya know what? He’s right. He is correct, sir. The clips are two deep at the point, with Sam and Shaun (the extremes of experience + balls and youth + skill, a very very special skill, shaun Livingston, I’m telling you, folks, NOBODY in the game right now, with the possible exception of Nash, and Shaun may have even better of an innate knack for it, sees the court like this kid), they got two excellent bigs in Kaman and Brand, who can bang with anyone, they got Maggette the slashing scorer, off the bench no less, they have Ross the lockdown defender, they have vladdie the big forward that can knock down 3’s and has been surprisingly adept at running and playing team defense, they got a money shot 2 guard in Cat Mobley, I mean where is the weak spot? 8-deep, and no weak spot, advantages everywhere, matchups from hell for who dareth faceth. There is no one they cannot beat.

And yes, I am wondering if this is all a dream and I’m about to wake up in Donald Sterling’s basement with a rubber ball in my mouth, Sam Cassell gesticulating and cradling imaginary elephant scrotum in the corner, frocked in a leather gimp suit, chained to the ceiling and cackling with insane glee. brrrrr.

ok, that was kinda an indordinate amount of ball references. I'm taking a cue from TV funhouse Conan O'Brien interviews or some shit. Left field, it wants its kool-aid back.