Sunday, May 07, 2006

Ey yo. Well, what can you say? Lakers got the asshanders award, numero uno, there was no one today that got their asses beat harder unless mike Tyson went back in time and reverberated some shit against lennox lewis. Kobe might as well have tattooed his face and went and hit a punching bag in maui for 2 months before this game, I mean, wtf? So much for any talk of this kid being the next Jordan, please, you can leave that shit at the door, I know, and I will accept, what he was trying to do, he was trying to get his teammates involved, and I know that cake eat it too argument about people wanna be bitching about kobe taking too many shots and then taking too few shots, but, this game, this was some inexplicable shit, craig sager hit the mofoing nail on the head, er, I’m sorry Kevin nealon, no, that ain’t it either, dunno, whoever was sitting next to doug Collins’ irrepressibly bleached headed ass. But kobe, I mean, ok, you makin a point, or, you trying to do what you gotta do to get your teammates involved, but 3 shots? Or whatever it was? 1 point in the 2nd half? You gotta do more than that, kid, I’m sorry, I don’t care how crappy kwame brown was playing, and I know he was playin like shit, and so was the rest of your sorry ass team, but you GOTTA go out gunnin in a situation like that. You gotta.

And honestly, I really don’t give a fuck. I’d thought it out prior to the game and I figger it’s a wash for the clippers, whoever won this game. And I’ll explain it here. Yup, right in this spot. You don’t have to wait a couple days, ain’t no cliffhanger shit up in this bitch, well, sometimes, ya know, I might premeditate on this shit, but no, I will explain my rationale of why the clips are just as good off facing the phoenix suns, who are most definitely a better team than the los angeles lakers, right after this short commercial break, during which certain biological needs must and will be attended to. Salud.

Ok, back. Yes. The reason of which the clips are still in good shape. Now, even thought they lost home court advantage, they gained home court advantage. Hear me out. If the “hallway” series had come to fruition, I am going to tell you something, the so called home court for the clips? You might as well have thrown it out the window with the bathwater and vanilla ice’s headband. Do you understand how many laker fans are at every clippers lakers game that is a supposed “home” match for the clips? Do you think that any of these supposed “home” games for your (er, mine) los angeles clippers, formerly known as the san diego clippers, formerly known as the buffalo braves, would have been home games in any realistic sense of the word? No, they would not have. BUT, now you have taken this bastardization and quadrupled it to the other extreme. All those laker fans that would have gone to these clipper “home” games against the lakers and rooted for the purple & gold? Now they will vehemently root against the evil empire that is the phoenix suns, and push hard for LA’s team of the moment, and the team of my lifetime and inner nebulous demon (word of the week, natch), yes, the LA clippers.

I’m telling you, the clips would have been getting both booed and hurra’d on their own court both during their home games and the aways in a clips lakes series, yes, booed more on the lakes floor and hurra’d a bit more on the clips floor, but still, they would not have had the whole building behind them, which is huge, and which I think more than makes up for the fact that they have to get on a plane and go to the desert. The clippers are a fine road team, built for the playoffs, their skill down low is a hundred times that of the lakers, they will not get conned into running when it doesn’t suit their fancy against the suns, they can beat them up in the post, they can take them in the half court, they can run when necessary, they have shaun Livingston off the bench, they have sam cassell, the wiliest of the wiliest, I’m telling you, I feel good about this.

The whole city of LA is behind the clippers in a way that they have never been and may never be again. People that never even paid them any mind are 1) no longer distracted by their loyalty to the lakers, and 2) pushed ON by their loyalty to the lakers in their desire to see justice done and see this suns team that kobe et al had on the ropes brought low before the emperor so they can raise in the air their thumbs down and see nash and marion and barbosa and all these torturers of the los angeles Hollywood bandwagon put in their proper place in the negasphere.