Wednesday, May 10, 2006

fascinating IM conversation between Henry Abbott and "Max," his secret liaison to all things NBA and New York hoops and inner workings of the underground seams of the league, the world, and nuclear disarmament. Read the whole thing, but one bit stood out which seemed to veracify (word police?) some of the things I’ve been saying about the clipper who I’ve taken to calling “the kid,” (by myself, in my basement, away from potential ridicule, in between crying bouts, and yes I’m making this scenario up) anyway, the quote, via "Max":

"Speaking of which, Even though they LOST....Shaun Livingston is gonna be a STAR in this league… His vision… ball handling… length… if he can ever Borrow Cassell's mid range jump shot…"

and what’s really scary? For us that have been watching the clips religiously all season and last year and the year before that and the decade before that, (and beyond), with psychotically frightening visions of Rick Brunson and Pooh Richardson dancing in our heads, Shaun has been a vision, but staying on topic, his jumper has improved A LOT. Early in the season and during his intermittent play last year, you did not see him nailing nearly as often those nice crisp 12 to 15 footers he’s now started to hit semi-regularly. And I think it’s coming, and when it does, hooo doggies, watch out, the clips are gonna be a force beyond what they already are.

I’m telling you, Jerry, I’m busting!

Non-sports crap later today, promise. And when I say "promise," I mean the margarine, not when you tell someone something and then actually follow through on it.