Monday, May 22, 2006

Game 7 tonight. As I’ve said repetitively, check the files, heartbreak in the desert, I said it before the Denver series, I said it before this series, when the playoff lineup was in place, I said, heartbreak in the desert, game 7, it was known, unknown to others, known to me, I prognosticated said ideologues with an accuracy better than that of nostre damus, and shit, save for a few mathematical errors, holmes could be right as well. Yup. Heartbreak in the desert for the suns, for their fans, for the gorilla, for cedric ceballos and his sad attempt at a Mohawk, for all who don’t understand that what was a team of density has discovered destiny, that the clips are going to go in there, take care of business, and then move on to texas to take on whoever emerges. From there, my skills at foreseeing the future end, I’m afraid. Of course I hope and yearn for clipper victory, but the crystal ball saw game 7 in phoenix and clipper glory, beyond that I predicted a matchup with dallas, but even that grows foggy. Either way, the trail leads to texas, and once you’re in the conference finals, well, hey, you’re in the conference finals, and any damn thing can happen. ‘specially when you’ve got sam cassell and the forbidden macadamia romp. Mahalo, aloha, arrividerci guido, etc.