Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Howdy. Well, it’s gonna be lunchtime soon. A special deployment of the 83rd brigade’s backup contingent is at Rainbow Express picking up the goods. I always get the boneless chicken with gravy all over, but I decided to hunt the internet and see if I could find a menu and thereby discovered this fist clenching, heart wrenching culinary experience reenactment (and accompanying picture and peanut gallery squawking) at this fine local food based web log, and it successfully tempted me into testing the waters with the bbq beef sandwich, fries, and chili rice bowl. I am also aware that Rainbow Express, although the same company and same menu, is not the same exact physical establishment as Rainbow Drive-Inn on Kapahulu, and I will be taking this into account when I present the academy with my final recommendations and analysis. I will let you know how it all works out, or, possibly, and, more likely, not (the letting you know part, not it working out). I know, it was a rash and ruthless decision, this sudden change in the armament if not the weaponry involved of what will be plunging at the speed of, if not sound, molassess, into my unwitting and not necessarily innocent stomach. Bear in mind and please let my ancestors know, in case this does not go as planned, that the decision was made in the heat of the moment. I caught the perpetrators in time as they stood at the window ready to give the order, I mean, if a gun had been to my head and a bloodthirsty drooling kgb agent, unaware of either glasnost or (insert other Russian word meaning USSR takes a gigantic shit here) had occurred, intent on murderously ventilating my cranium, the tension could have only been a Shetland pony’s hair width greater. And that is truly saying something with a depth and sincerity you probably haven’t heard since the 4th grade and that old lady told you about how that guy and girl wanted to give each other perfect gifts and she cut all her hair off & he bought her like a really nice brush or some shit like that.