Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I told myself I was gonna do it like this, so I’m gonna. I’m not gonna read nothing on the clips loss to the suns last nite until I write down a few of my own thoughts, if I have any. And, wait, searching, pulling data, processing caffeine, intake confirmed, yes, I do have a few, gimme a minute. Yes, don’t read the below until you’ve waited 60 seconds, just to keep in chronological sync. Yes. Yes. Ok, now we’re ready. Yes, you waited 60 seconds to read shit that you’ll prolly rehash again reading the espn equivalent of rush Limbaugh, apologies in advance.

Ok, point 1. Elton was a beast, and he’ll continue to be a beast, because the suns have no answer for him. he may not have the same kind of game he had last nite, which was, practically perfect, but he will continue to dominate.

Kaman will step up & play a little better, not that he floundered per se, he displayed some good post moves and established things nicely, but diaw did his slicing & chris has gotta be ready for that.

Clipperblog made an excellent point a day or two ago. He talked about moving around furniture. Meaning that the suns break and pick and roll and all the things they do so well, which is for the most part fueled by nash, is predicated on the pieces being in the right places, aka the furniture, and there’s a necessity to move that furniture around. The clips need to clog passing lanes and force the suns to be out of position. They didn’t get said mission accomplished last nite. In fact, it almost seemed like, rather than moving the suns’ furniture around, that the clips rather came in the night before and readjusted the furniture, checked the schematics and shifted barka lounges and love seats a half a foot here, a few inches there, just to get all the bumpers and rails, if we’re playing a game of metaphorical pinball, just in their perfect positions.

Anyway, that was the story. the clips appeared to be playing decent defense, and they probably were, but they just could not stop the suns, and they’re gonna have to be way more disruptive and slow the pace way down to have any kind of a chance in this series.

That being said, I think it’s an accomplishable goal, the clips will just have to bear down and concentrate. The bummer thing is that last nite was such a missed opportunity. The clips shot lights out, the suns did as well, except phoenix was nailing 3’s all night long, instead of 2’s. but phoenix can’t keep that pace up, they just can’t. theoretically.

Clips’ll take game 2. justice will reverberate thru the negasphere.

More later on, possibly, links to anything interesting I find in re: the game as well as some non sports-crap if I’m in the mood. Yup, for that one person (Hi Bartholomew) reading this. Bart? Mew? Sigh, he left.

Yah, I’m still here, lots of positives from the game. I feel good. The clips can and will still roll. Life is not a box of exlax. I’m good enuff, etc. milk is good for your bones. Quinton ross was hitting his jumper. I am doing the blah blah. No one is reading this. You are getting very sleepy. Congrats and aloha.

Was that goddamm gorilla actually riding a motorcycle on the court during timeouts? What’s the statute of limitations on skid marks and jock itch? Did I take this job for a quick buck? Seriously, people are cool with that? I’m lost, not knowing where I’m going, this glob is on a death bed, get the catheter and a platinum plated thermometer, administer at the nearest convenient orifice and gimme the bad news strait, doc, I can take it. Colonel Angus got me through this war and he’ll get me out. That doesn’t necessarily mean nothing or zero my hero in other words. And yes I’m purposefully blabbing my way into a corner. If you’re on a boat, lean to starboard. Starbuck was very brave. And he didn’t have coffee on his side. I don’t feel like editing this, sorry and alert the forces of justice if there’s an issue necessitating quantification. Oh yeah, and fuck that gorilla and the bike he rode in on.