Thursday, May 11, 2006

I was sad to hear from a buddy of mine in LA that my theory about everyone in LA being behind the Clippers now, because of lack of confusion of loyalties, is apparently completely untrue. According to him, the locals are more often bashing the clippers and saying they’ll lose, the rationale being that if the lakes couldn’t do it, how could lil brother? If they even consider the clips the lil brother. More like the rat that comes out of the hole in the wall and steals the moldy cheese.

Well good, I say, we don’t need your non bandwagonning asses anyway. Eff all yall. And I better not hear any of you Angelinos talking trash now celebrating when the clips are playing hard in the next round, which you KNOW’s gonna happen, the turnaround in fan appreciation, not the clips going into the next round, which I BELIEVE in my mind and heart will happen, but I KNOW those piles in LA, they’ll all be “oh, I knew the clippers could do it, isn’t it nice to see them doing so well?” but this is only after they get past the suns.

Bah. I’m rambling and getting more irritated and irrational as I type this. Plus no one reads this crap anyway.

In any event, as you know, or don’t, the clips beat the living SHIT outta the suns in game 2 last night, IN phoenix. Next two at staples, and good, all you laker fans that can’t extend the postseason olive branch of support for the other LA team, as I do every goddamm year when the clips are in the dust, well, fuck you. So used to and spoiled by success you can’t be a sporto. That ain’t LA style, but maybe it is. I’m glad I’m in Honolulu so I don’t have to witness this horse manure.

But then again I’d love it, I’d be at the games, I’d be going nutty block, and shoving that clipper hat in laker fan faces? Priceless. Let me clarify, I got no inherent prollem with lake fans, as I've said here and in the past, when the clips usually make their early exit from the race, I shift over to rooting for the lakeshow, cuz hey, I’m LA born and bred, and the clips are my team, but I’ll support any LA institution in the post season if my number one squad is out of the running. Same with the angels. I would NEVER root for the angels over the dodgers, just like I would NEVER root for the lakers over the clippers, but I can and do still push my good vibes and enthusiasm over to what I consider the “other” LA teams when it’s not putting me in a position of being disloyal.

So it pisses me off that laker fans are such spoiled bitches that they couldn’t do the same.

And yes I’ve put way too much thought & energy into this. Salud.

True Hoop

GREAT column by the LA Times’ TJ Simers on the ever-elusive and suddenly accessible pocketed Donald Sterling.

His column the week before about Kobe quitting halfway thru game 7 and pouting like a little bitch is pretty good, too.