Friday, May 12, 2006

Meet Carl Cook, homeless LA Clipper floor seat season ticket holder.

He makes about 10 grand a year detailing cars & other odd jobs, spending about a third of that on his seats at Staples. He rides his bike there and back to every game (Marina Del Rey to Downtown).

A few years back, he got hit-and-run by a car while on the bike and put into a semi-coma for a week. A month later, he was back on the bike going to games again.

When the clips moved to Staples from the LA Sports Arena, and ticket prices went up, he sold his sailboat for $6,400 to help make up the difference; the guy he sold it to still lets him sleep on it most nights.

Fascinating, fascinating story. I haven't been this jealous of a guy that spends most of his nights on a boat since Crockett and his alligator were busting coke-lords.