Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Well in case you been in a hole or a cave or up in a tree or in a torrid Iranian love triangle, and don’t think I’m getting racial, but what if I was? But cuz an Iranian triangle, at least in my brain, is very rhombus like, which causes all types of problems at points of entry in not just their fine country but all over the world. Ah, yes, the thing you may not know unless you’ve been preoccupied by the aforementioned items, please excuse my alter ego for the interruption. Yes, the clippers split the last two games with the phoenix suns and head back to the valley of cacti all tied up at 2 games a piece. Game 5, today, 4:30 Hawaii standard time. If you know me and wish to call me please understand there will be no phone contact or innernet contact and I prolly wouldn’t even answer my door due to the fear, as I will be tivo’ing said event and be running about an hour behind schedule, catching up as the evening wears as I rapidly scroll thru advertizments.

There is a tense undercurrent here in the skunkworks today, the smell of fetid fingernails and lingering tensions brewing amid the pot stirring further into the marsh. As the refuse of an island gets processed and revitalized for future ventures, the dreams and wonderings of the walking dead seem almost blocked at the cloud line, prevented from drifting off into space where they can no longer do the harm of pontification, nay, they are earthbound and made almost unto a requiem of frustrated anticipation for that which is known in the innermost caverns of the corrupted to be the clear opposite of inevitable.

Scoop Jackson on the Cassell vs. Nash battle (the point guards for the Clippers and Suns, respectively):

It might never happen again. Not like this. Because once this series is over (unless Clippers owner Donald Sterling re-signs Sam after the season) Cassell and Nash might never see each other on this stage again. In a dead heat with this much on the line. This might be the completion of a twisted career circle of two players who are mirror-images of each other but look totally different when their reflections return.

Scoop mentions the Don resigning Sam like it’s akin to Thor showing up to Ragnarok with a Bloomingdale’s shopping bag and a half eaten biscotti. Myself, I think it’s a lock. Call me crazy, but Coach Dunleavy has Sterling’s ear, and the key to the kingdom, er, amusement park? ie, the wallet, or at least, rights to present a case for fund distribution, which I feel heavily confident in Dunleavy’s ability to do said action and give Elgin (Executive of the year! Booyakah) the green light. Giddyup indeed.