Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wow, the lakes got beat UP last nite. Raja bell, whutta dummy, but heat of the moment can be a yelping kitten, difficult to ignore and more ignominious to avoid slapping. Honestly, last nite was the first in this series that I watched more than 15-20 minutes, engrossed as I’ve been with the clippers and this entity called my life which constantly interferes in my vegging out like a slice of lasagne in front of the television. Anyway, the lakes looked like shit, if you ask me, boris diaw cut em up like sam the butcher on the 4th of July, Alice was in the walk-in fridgerator with her panties down waiting for the bacon. Nash actually looked like the mvp, kinda I guess, although I’m not buying that bridge in Madison county. Lakes definitely in dangerville robinson now, though, they’ve gotta be thinking the following: drop this next one at staples and we’re stuck in the desert for a game 7, you know kwame’s thinking about it (when he’s not contemplating sitting in prison on some rape charge, happy that at least he’s 7 feet tall and the 380 poound Puerto Rican named slappy can’t reach his asshole without stiletto pumps and a footstool), you know lamar odom’s thinking about it, and you damn sure know that kobe’s thinking about it, but that’s a good thing. If him and devean george (who?) can calm down the troops and make them understand to treat it like just any other game but most definitely NOT any other game, that they have to execute, follow the zen yoda’s philosophies, and heed their inner Schwartz, they might just get out of this mess and give la la land the downtown hoopla it so desperately craves.

Or maybe they’ll just choke it away and the clips will have to jump on a plane next week after all. That’s aight, I heard the dry night air is great for the skin (exfoliate!) and cactus juice right out the shoot, not any longer a 1982 flashback underground fad, but now a modernistic secret samadai source of biofeedback laced nutrients, is to the esophagus as ambrosia is to Zeus. I read it, like, in a Dr. Phil book or some shit.