Friday, June 30, 2006

I have a stray hair on one of my eyebrows that’s really bugging the shit out of me. In other news, my, eh, forget it. That wasn’t a necessary thing to say. And neither was that, er, this. So, um, yeah, simple pages. It’s the jam. For if you want to write the ultimate tale that will beat spider-man at the box office. Also if you just want to, uh, achieve full and total consciousness. That, however, is a bit on the overrated side. Speaking of overrated, I felt that gus van sant’s last days wasn’t overrated. Yes, it could drive you insane with beautiful boredom, but the effervescence of it’s jenny say kwah, as that kurt cobain a la blake dude like chills out but wanders in his meandering toward death, trying to soak in all the last dilios and finding nothing worth stopping said escapage of mortal coil is something that you just can’t tear yourself away from.