Friday, August 04, 2006

ah, what a degree of freedom I now have to spout wisdom on the middle east and mel gibson’s anti-semitic rants and Lindsay lohan’s hot dog heiress entrepreneurship now that no one reads this crap, it’s freed me artistically and politically. Now I can finally admit that I think Don Quijote was overrated. I’m reading Porno right now, which is fantabulous, and not like the drink at all. It’s the sequel to trainspotting. Yes, you know the one. And no I never read, per se and not per se, trainspotting, but I did see the movie. Have you ever done that? Read a sequel to a movie? I know, it’s one of the most jaw droppingly shock and awe campaign ideas you’ve (yes you captain of the nonexistent) have ever heard. I’m glad I like reading this crap & looking at pictures of kid flash and robin about to get his head blown off, because tres obvious, the brigade is gone and they took they’re ammunition with them. Well, I am going to see scanner darkly, as in post haste or hastily positive. I’ve heard good things. Congratulate me in advance and you might be the next contestant on delusional theatre. No you won’t. jeez, ferget it already. Would clipper even accept this tribulated diatribe? Calmate senor, all shall pass. Guess I’ll put my contacts in cuz these glasses are buggin the shit. Does all this mean that keanu reeves is actually a good actor and the juxtaposition of the earth’s plane is actually a cube? That would be a whole nother reason to hate Columbus day.