Saturday, September 30, 2006

I know you’re shitting your pants waiting for it, but yes, my WAC week 5 NCAA picks are finally up on blogcritics. You may now notify your bookie that the world may continue to rotate on its axis. At least temporarily. You know, for at least one more day. I’m watching a tivo’d version of the Rutgers south florida game via espn2. don’t axe me why. I have no affiliation with either team, but I do have an affinity for football that’s not on Saturday or Sunday, it’s just like a treat, like a san Francisco treat that’s not rice or noodles or some other kind of apparatus of which you know whut I mean.

I was gonna say something deep and hidden within this post about random crapsterpiece kine shit, but, shit, who cares, nobody reads this shit anymore anyway anyhow, so eff it. But while I’m here I will say that I think that Cincinnati is the best team in the nfl right now, call me crazy, ok, no more sports crap.

Tuesday nite I get on an airplane headed to phoenix and then one headed to Colorado, to a small town that shall go unnamed, in case you’re trying to track me, because you know that like there are so many people on the innernet that are obsessed with me because this is the most popular blog, even though I hate the word blog, even though I incorporated it into the name of this blog, in the world, the most popular blog in the world that is, if you got confused by this run on sentence from hell. Salud.