Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Just a little smidgen of antithesis of knowledge while I wait for, uh, the lowdown on the download. I know I’m not supposed to talk about fight club, but fuck it. I’ve become obsessed, I’m relearning and observationally becoming informed of that which was the 80’s and people talking to the beat of an 808. goddammit, first rule of fight club, and there I go fucking it up again. next thing I’ll be giving soap away when I can buy the cow at home. 2nd rule of fight club is understand that Steady B is in jail and the other guy he used to hang out with is on death row. Ruff city. They used to rap, as in rhyme, as in on time & real, uh, gude. Serially, tho, good. I now listen to 4 each steady b albums all day long and before this week I never knew the guy existed. Thanks, fight club! Now I will not talk about that which shall be never spoken again. of that don’t worry. Hey can’t stand yah, I mean, costanza, the train wreck called, you forgot your ticket. But farilly, if you need to know of and possess music that is a shitload of that which is beat suite in & of itself and should never be spoken of, I’m not saying I know anything, but go to this place. They’ll take care of you. Just when you see them in the Xerox room & they’re all beat up, you better shut the fuck up. Btw why didn’t anyone tell me about PKO? And another thing I learned in a totally different arena is that the incredible hulk used to shoot himself with gamma rays every time he wanted to change back & forth to & from bruce banner. You may now continue, once again, with your existence.