Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So I went 5-1 on my WAC football picks this weekend. Try & reschedule your plans around the party you will of course have to spontaneously have right now. Or right now. Or now. Ok in 5 minutes. I’ll wait. Basically if you'd listened to me, even though I'm only actually telling you about it now, but, you know, it was on the innernet, just not here, all the good it does you, well, you could've been a millionaire. why ain't I a millionaire? goddammit, just shut up. Oh yeah, I wrote some shit on the 22nd that I never posted. Nothing must go to waste. Here it is:

In other news (see below, or not, it doesn’t matter and is, in fact, ok) the completely different department called and they want their ocean back. Sigh shalom. Don’t talk about sports. People hate it. Except for the sports people, they love it, er, well, not really, sometimes, depending on how well you pontificate, which is usually, um, not the most, uh, impressive stature in regards to knowing what the hell you’re talking about.

ey yo. My weekly WAC football picks are up a day early cuz of the Nevada Northwestern game on ESPN today. (note from the editing staff: these are the same picks that are referenced in the first paragraph, above, yet this paragraph, well, except for this part in the parentheses, was inexplicably written before the segment above. The day early referred to was actually last Thursday, so a day early, for you, dear reader, knock knock, actually became 4 days late. Go figure. Did I mention I went 5-1 this weekend, counting the spreads, none of that pussy pick who wins quote unquote shit. I mean, what good does that do? so I know who wins for the sake of sport? puh-leeze. dough ray moi) So you have that. Enjoy. Or not. Be ambivalent then, effer. This shall go at the bottom of the post, if a post exists.