Wednesday, September 13, 2006

There’s certain people that you never stop to think about the effect they have on your lives. Like the person that made my sandwich at the supermarket today. Whoever it was put a lot of love & care into making this sandwich. Think about the time that that person had to spend cutting the meat, applying the fixings, leveraging every ingredient in just the right fashion, to bring about the culinary masterpiece that was achieved. And this person does this every day. Just like I do what I do every day. But this person, they make sandwiches, and touch people’s hearts and souls and mouths & stomachs in such a profound way that I could never achieve, it almost makes me want to go to sandwich university, even a day later, having had the full wherewithall of 24 hours to ponder and debate and wonder within myself the ramifactions both to myself and the universe as a whole, but only almost, as in I won't really go to sangwich college. what a shame.