Wednesday, November 01, 2006

a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush, and i don't think the bush is gonna be a problem (not that bush NOR that bush) but the bird is accomplished and completo. que sera and not lastima, as in gude good. so how are you? don't answer that. the clips are down to the suns, but at a juncture that can still be rectified. i promised myself i would write some shite in either slot 1 or slot 2 or create a new slot tonite. yup, that's what has to be done, and this doesn't count. so, sheeitt, last year it was thompson and this year it's styron, all the greats are becoming the lates. well, i shouldn't say all, there are still a bunch, at least a bushel, well, i hope, of people that don't entirely suck at penning a verse out there, and not a poem, well, it could be a poem, but you know, stringing a sentence or two together that isn't sold for the highest dollar to pimp trucks across the boulevard or some shit like that, a la john cougar or other piles. but hey, money is money and it does make the world go round on its ever loveable axis, now don't it. anyway, the tivo is calling and the clips i'm thinking have a comeback in em on opening nite. i have this feeling that i'm gonna open up clipper again bigger and better and reinstitute comments and turn back on the stattracker and the whole 9, so noone can continue to come and but then i can know about it, ferrilly tho, i don't wanna diatribe you with bball talk & there will be plenty. my 4 w's are work out, write, watch the clips and walk the dog, not necessarily in that order. gracias.