Friday, November 03, 2006

When it comes to the 4 w’s, there’s one that I completed like a champ, I mean, I was the jesse owens, the kurt cobaine (?), the larry legend magic Cronkite of that W, and that was (w)atch the clippers, I did it, yes, and they won, and that’s all I’ll say, even though it was a great game, and cognizant of many things upcoming with the L, and superclose, and melo got thrown out, and Q, well, Q, well, and sam, but fuckitt.

In other news, man, deal or no deal, that shit sucked me in! that lady really worked it, I must say, got over 300 g’s, and only a dollar in the case, wellie well, and the office was a grand champion, that show just never disappoints, and I think the current season is the best, but shit, who am I? tv malone? Nah, fuck that.

But sadly I have not much else to say, oh yeah, the other three w’s. work out. Well, I finished what I was supposed to do yesterday on that front, minus the running, but who can blame me with this weather & the pali being closed, and, um, oh yeah, well, I did, uh a quarter of the day’s routine? The resistance routine, the cardio officially starts tomorrow, I promise, just like celine dion promised that old bald guy that she would, uh, love him forever or some shit like that.

The other 2 w’s are (w)rite, which I’m doing write (har har) now, even though this doesn’t count, but in honor of the late great William styron I’m disregarding that and telling myself that every word pounded out onto the keyboard and into the screen and into the negasphere counts, so, um, yup, good job alfredo sauce. The last & final (sigh) W is walk the dog, which sadly I just feel is not going to happen tonite, but I promised betty that a double walk would commence in the morrow, and the cool thing is she’s a dog & can neither understand me nor call me on my shit even if she does so I win. Yup, I win. I’m the winner. The champ. And, uh, I, um, won. Aloha.