Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Time to write up a daily er not so scaly of what should be done but yet isn’t in an ether type quality. Is this really anything of the type of which contributes to productivity in other arenas? I’m seriously wondering, leaning toward the no camp. As in no, it’s not helping facilitate more quote unquote real or serious or juice laden enquiries into my own brain, but whose to say that a 65 mil contract to write about scary alice going to the shopping mall and like finding a secret society of security guards that network and tell lies and covertly run the world, um, wait, that’s actually a pretty good idea. I mean, um, no, that idea sucks, don’t make chopping mall 3 out of it, that’s it, chopping mall 3, the return, but it’s not a splatter film, it’s all about the underground underneath the underground, so underground that it’s, shit, that corporate suits pretend to shed their suits but then put them back in and tie their ties tighter around their necks and don’t need to pick up an invitation egg from the liquor store to get in, they just have to show some kind of proof that they’ve completely assimilated into the structural ego of the money train and then show the small little microscopic insignia in the bottom right hand corner of their driver’s license that marks them as a member of the elite force of rebel rousers that aren’t rebel rousers, dedicated to unknown feats in unknown waters for unknown reasons. Why? It’s unknown. That, my friends, is the anti irony of the whole thing. Do you get it? Do you really? They’re corporate slags, but they’re not, but they are. Exactly. The dichotomy’s in the rationale that they are not what they seem yet conversely they are even more so what they seem than you ever imagined.