Thursday, January 11, 2007

clips win, maybe their biggest dub of the season so far, at minnie, on a maggette j with 5 seconds left (kg missed one at the buzzer), 2nd in a row with sam testicle dance back on the floor.

not that this shot or his impressive game necessarily changes things big pic wise, but that picture says a thousand words. maggs can be (and is, often) huge on this team. dunleavy signore, cmon, bury the hatchet in whatever birdshit sandwich you're obsessed with dining on and lets use maggs to his fullest, for the season, and get this shit on track (which is what appears to be happnin, but in clips nat, ducks walking don't necessarily quack).

for at least one more day, the nation is a great place to reside, and my peramanent addy of crapsterpiece manor never smelled better. gratzi, fellas.