Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Local News: Colt Brennan resists the money and phat titties and hoopla of the nfl and announces he's coming back for his senior year with the University of Hawaii Warriors.

click here for the tear jerking (for Colt, at least) press conference.

You just gotta love this, and not just because this guy's maybe the best at his position in the land and Hawaii's got him for one more year, but the just pure unadulterated joy on the kid's face. he did NOT want to go to the pros yet. he's having WAY too much fun being the UH QB, living in Hawaii, hanging out & being a college kid. At one point he mentions that coming to Hawaii has made him a better person, and he wants to continue with that. Gracias a Allah for reasons other than Do Ray Mi that someone decides to do something. not that money ain't shit, it is, but there's other shit, yadda yadda yadda, you know the drill.

now if Herman Frazier (UH's AD) can just find some teams, besides the regular WAC schedule and Eastern Washington (or whoever the fuck 1AA team they finnegled) to fill out the schedule, (probably more difficult now with this announcement; any team on the fence with thinking about coming to Hawaii just fell off thinking about coughing up 60 points in a no win situation in the middle of the Pacific) which alarmingly sits with 4 vacant spots still remaining.

tick tock.