Friday, January 19, 2007

My internet is running a bit slow today. I got yelled at vehemently over some bullshit this morning. Tomorrow I will watch the clippers attempt to fuck elvis at the staples center. I’m dipping into myspace and still wondering wtf the fuss is all about, but ok. Our daughter is apparently completely better from her cold slash chest contagion slash evil entity living in her lungs as she slept like 80 million hours and didn’t cough or wheeze one time. If I was a proponent of Allah (not that I’m an Opponent) I would have knelt on a rug facing whichever direction you’re supposed to for the aforementioned, yet additional, 80 million hours. The only problem with this is afterwards I’d be approximately 73 years old, one too many to qualify for astromedallion insurance and van halen lion jumping coverage, but que sera, etcetera.