Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Batman and robin were swinging around the city, taking in the scene. Suddenly they saw the jokermobile rambling down main street. Batman was like “the fuck?” and so they swung down and jumped on top of the roof of the aptly named auto and started banging their fists against it, but to no avail, cuz it’s metal. The joker, meanwhile, was inside cackling with glee at these two dipshits and their idiotic ways & wares. “hey you fucks, this is a car made of metal, you dig? Who you think you are, superman and captain marvel? Deusche bags.” And his pronunciation, as well as the spelling, was wrong, and then he turned a really tight corner at like 90 miles an hour, and batman & robin were flinged off of the top of the car and into this cement wall of a really seedy liquor store and they got totally smashed. (not in the drunken way, but as in their bones became broken and in some parts came through their skin.) They then were taken to an experimental medical laboratory and given new plastic hearts and noses and I’m pretty sure it worked out in the end; they even threw in some Metamucil injections for Aunt Harriet. Hello, goodbye, etc.