Thursday, February 01, 2007

clips won a big one last night. Yadda yadda yadda, but seriously. Tim Thomas had “arguably his best game as a Clipper” with 18 points & 10 boards. Huzzah! That’s what we need buddy. And then I ran out of things to say except this makes me happy. Well, actually I could go on all day, but sadly I’m at work, and, well, you know, werkin the gerkin with captain kirken is strictly on a voluntary on usually nonsoluble basis. Ok, no it’s not.

The best part of this win, which I didn’t get to watch, so it’s a result of absorbing sconces of information from a plethora of sources, including my cousin beelzebub’s eye reflection, is that, apparently, a young man by the name of Shaun Livingston essentially took over the game down the stretch and carried this oft wayward ball club to victory during crunch time (indubitably and brilliantly (as always (double, sigh, triple parentheses)) pointed out by the inimitably quality laced clipperblog.) end scene, almost. btw someone define inimitable for me; uh, ok, later.

So there you have it. Things seem to be looking up in clipperland. Which means Elton is probably about to break his leg and Sam will be found with a dead prostitute in his mazzeratti tonite. Oh well.