Friday, February 16, 2007

Quoth Ms. Ciccone:

"I want to be like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and John Lennon -- but I want to stay alive."

Wow, Madonna is so inspirational. Can’t wait for the day they tear down that silly Gandhi statue by the zoo in Waikiki and put up one of her dancing on stage in that Vision Quest movie, hopefully in the lucky star outfit with torn up fishets, and then with that wink in her eye, when you know her shakra is so true, and as she waxes in monosyllabic britishistic elegance, now that’s honesty, that’s just, wow, the jenny say kwah of all existence. And fuck John Lennon, what about Paul’s one-legged ex wife? Yet another pinnacle of the outward horizons of humanity, right up there with Mr. Zsa Zsa. She could swing that plastic leg around and take out some non believers. We need to expose the real enemy, all those who would attempt to utilize logic, round em up, and why not, like Larry David said, get the hairpiece wearers in there too while we’re at it. Can’t be too careful.