Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hey there, no I haven’t forgotten about you. I never could. No matter how busy I actually am or tell myself I am, there will always, er, maybe every couple weeks, be time for you, dear ultrabs, and no I won’t ever call you that again, ultrabs. Sigh/shalom.

So what’s up, what did I miss? I’ve been nba bloggin up a storm over at clipper, but I won’t talk about that. THAT DIDN’T HAPPEN. Ignore it, the man behind the curtain is actually Dorothy. You and me and the little purple people eater miniature dalmation fountainhead will all be happier if we can live in that fantasyland ad infinitum.

Now, then, as for cogent things that actually affect the world, or at least make some semblance of sense. Hmmm. Eh, I got nuthin. No, scratch that, I’ve got pretzels. No, nope, I don’t even have pretzels.