Friday, March 16, 2007

howdy pards. Burt bacaract’s bastard bassoon player here, just checking in with the brigade to make sure you’re still throwing up the W. what’s the w you ask? Hell if I know, don’t shoot the messenger. So, uh, I ate a salad from arby’s today, and, um, checked my car’s oil. It smells like burning oil, but that’s just its dillio, dig? Just let it be, and it will let you be, and I’m fairly certain we’ll all be copacetic. I’ve been busy yapping about bball but you don’t care about that. I’ve also been busy being a dad to the most beautiful sweetest little girl in ALL THE LAND who even graduated out of her infant car seat into a big girl forward facing car seat OH MY GOD THAT CANNOT BE HAPPENING ALREADY. But yes it is, our little girl is growing up, wowsers. Mrs. P and I thank the firmament every morning noon & night for bringing her here to be with us, yeppity deppity doo. And, so then how are you? Well fraggldy doo I’m making rhymes, with thyme, on time. Ok, I’ll stop. Enjoy the weekend, yo, while mtv saran rapping, it’s like butter, can’t believe it’s not. Respect.