Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I wrote this last Thursday, but never got around to posting it, so here ya go…

Can’t remember the last time I wrote anything that wasn’t an email or work related. Sigh/shalom. Ok, got that out of the way. This just in, the mayor’s spokesperson got arrested for drunk driving. Right on. In other news, dammitt, none of this blar dee dar. But maybe it’s the only way to get back in some kind of groove. Or do I want to be in any kind of groove? Mrs. P’s niece is here, helping us out, take care of the little one while the older one’s in the hospital and otherwise help out on the homefront. That oh so necessary third hand, of what we can’t do without at the moment. Thank you all the powers in the negasphere for her presence. She’s doing the school thing too so hopefully win win all the way around, busy times, blessed times, tough days, hard nights, insert your little wherewithal here.

Listening to pet shop boys on the tape deck. Yar, I bought the very last mini-system with a tape deck, nah, that’s not true, why speak truisms when falsehoods make the rent? Nope, that in itself a bald faced lie, a la my own tortured head. My head isn’t tortured, nah, bald though, yup, didn’t know? No, not like a nickel (?) er, I mean, I’m not like an eagle, well I guess I am, cuz the eagle, he’s got some turf, too, nah mean? You don’t, prolly, tha’s ok, not necessary, I’m just trying to be as real as I can be while the same time being completely fake. Wicked fine line, broheim.

Daughter #1 made it through 2nd round of chemotherapy and is lined up to start the third next week. Even though it’s much easier on the systems of little ones (she’s 2) than adults, let me tell you, she-ra, it’s still a rough day at the races. Slightest little thing, teeniest little virus, when the immune system is at it’s most vulnerable, and me oh my oh, bummer times. But then the white blood cell army comes back arising, destroy and rebuild style, and kicks to the curb the fevers and all it’s accompanied tough times terrordome type steelos. And it’s all good in the hood again. We’ve got a beaut of a three day weekend to look forward to, just keep the home fires burning, watch some cal football (hopefully on the tube), draft me some fantasy folk on Monday, maybe squeeze in some rum and/or beer vis a vis the assembled spirits, get the BBQ going and play with the kiddies, enjoy the moment, cuz nothin’s guaranteed, mein freunds, nada nunca.