Wednesday, December 02, 2009

wild prolonged travels back to the island. miss mi familia con un mente loco, si es verdad. delta airlines burn in hell for all eternity, fry your pony. carlton will accept that one. dear alfred, how does it feel to bleed from the metrovirus? tears of you know whatty magee that is.

now. something to clarify for all the expert ehtiopian anthropolgy committee members that came from their prior conference in stalingrad: I know you had a long trip, and I KNOW, fuck Delta Airlines, I really know all about fuck Delta airlines with beelzebub's rompous prick for about as long as titanic times a billion years plus eternity with or without beach makeup scene, but if with, then whatsername is a wooly mammoth with the creature under the black lagoon's face, and with a slivery tongue like venom and chucky's voice. he could be a transformed human and his prior incarnation was Jon Gruden, championship coach of the tampa bay bucaneers, and also assitant to a wiccan cult leaders antelope manuscripts.

pushups & situps.