Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Kuhio Day. Not much to say. Won’t let that stop me. Hurm. Still tryin to be the shepherd. The sheep, they jostle, they play, they don’t understand the severity, the needle upon which they walk. Silly sheep. Tread, sheep, tread. Tread on me at your peril. Bah. Shepherding is for those with sore cheeks. I turn and see the sun, it would blind me if not for blue-blockers. Yet, the UV spectrum still presents a danger. Sounds. They soothe. Make one forget. Make one remember. Make one one with oneness. So true it’s false. So false it becomes a phantom. So phantasmagoric they make a Disneyland ride out of it. Up the track, then down into the soup, sweet cantaloupe bath waiting metaphorical catchers mitt, Captain Happy Cow ready to moo on arrival. Honeysuckle, grass, milkweed, make a shake for a dollar, extra fifty for the commemorative cup.

Hey, you got your peanut butter on my chocolate, no man, you got your chocolate on my peanut butter, uh, hurm, that ain't bad. no in fact it is good. thank you for this accident. you're most welcome, don't mention it, seriously, at peril of your disintegration. gratzi.