Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ok I need to unload some good ol fashioned brain batter. I’m trying real hard to be the shepherd, but sometimes I wonder if these people are addicted to the valley of darkness, and if those chains they be dragging, the ones on my patience, if they want to swing em up against the walls despite my power. But what is power if not exerted, and like I said, the shepherd. Trying to be. Why? Good question Sally. Forthwith I’d explain if an answer was poppin from the bubble. Problem is, it ain’t. so here I lie, in state, but it’s the aloha kind, so complaining shall be kept to a dull roar, lions, tigers, bears, my oh my they’d bask in the sun if these were their only problems. Just eat the ones that botha and move on, or don’t, or just bask, man, bask. Life is too short. And too damn good. Yup, I got it nice, don’t even want you to think I don’t. back to, eh, no need to say it. My CD collection is getting so unbelievably ridiculous, I don’t even know what to do with it, except just keep listening. Maybe that’s the secret, little more listening, little less yappin, even in the brain, keep that cosmic volume down and the treble and bass up, and then before you know it, the noggin’s getting kick-started to a degree that which it could never have achieved with pouring gas down its throat and twisting turning wrenches and nobs and levers and being all logical and shit. Fuck logic. Ain’t never done nothing but cause problems. Well, aside from being the basis of my favorite philosophies and the cornerstone of society and the one thing that keeps us from falling off the cliff into the soup of anarchy. Aside from that, it’s relatively useless. And you know what they say about relativity and all its phonetic associates. Yup. Einstein coulda diatribed a sonnet before heading down to the bear pit what with all the snakes and ropes and hidden eyes what where and when coulda led to the dark alley of anyone’s soul with that trip. But he didn't, did he? So we’ll leave it all alone and assume that I’m the only one that understands a goddamm word, and even I don’t know what the fuck, so the 11 oclock film should be safe, no stress, do it like a beatnik, write a shitty poem and contemplate, or don’t, think I covered that already. If I didn’t, I didn’t, who am I the professor? Nah, just a student, but with the answer key. Yeah it’s the wrong one, but it’s thinking you’re right, not necessarily being right, that usually leads to the top of the hill and being the one carrying the flag while others salute, right? Eh, maybe. Don’t ask me, just please don’t ask me. I don’t know. Green slime and zapping wizards be damned.