Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the jerk store called & the jurk storr called and the ball hit the wall down the hall. salud. need to check what they have at the library and cross reference against amazon. so did I tell you I have the phattest view? yah, lucky moi. and that on my way to werk I have the phattest view. yah. and that the fattest ewe gives me a ride over a hill at the very end because the driveway at my skunk works is broken. it's certified, backed up by world insurance inc. check them, they'll make sure you're set up with apt coverage. I feel that verbage (said) and written is opportune for brain blatter, er, batter. repetition is the sincerest form of haberdashery.

I'm eating an everything bagel. Only in bagel culture do they get away with this terminology. you can't ask for an everything pill if you're sick. You can't order an everything sandwich at the deli. you can say everything ON it, but they still need the basis of what is going on with this fictional sandwich that is now being optioned for a major motion picture. I feel that this ongoing fraud within the bagel community needs to be investigated and legal action needs to be taken and brought to conclusion and all those that have colluded to commit this ongoing perjury need to brought to justice and hanged in a high court, I mean hung out to dry with the trout. sleep with old fishes in deep pans filled with persian butter. don't ask me why I said persian, it's part of the conspiracy, mind melding, ancient witchcraft at work.

if only someone could come from within the streets of gotham and take back our philosophy. if only there was some type of beacon we could shine in the sky when a corporation such as bagelconglom inc committs heinous acts against hyenas. someday our knight will come, preferably in the day, so we can see him. until then, eat in the dark. gratzi.