Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In the pontification and written description thereby of 1) a Grecian urn and 2) myself, I chose, well, did not choose, had to, but well, same result, the subject of said personage that appears when I look in the mirror. It was extremely gracious and kindly and descriptive of all my best qualities in such as my professional and educational career, and if you read it, you’d probably be extremely impressed and want to have me come give a seminar at your school or coffee shop. If this be the case then please make sure you wipe the microphone with disinfectant but not that orangy smelling one, as that could make me a bit nauseous and I need to have all my wherewithal in reference giving the most motivational or anticlimactically juxtaposed conversational diatribe that was vociferied in the western hemisphere since the oracle wandered away from Delphi in a fit of heat stroke.

It’s been a crazy (Wednesday, or is that magic?) dia a la trabaja and I can no wait until it’s over, but then again, I’m enjoying the kinetic energy that is transcribing through the neurons of my brain as well as the fiberoptic cables of the innernet plus telephone and bringing me magic (or are those crazy?) beans, to put in my salad, to put in my hat, to take to the zoo, to feed an elephant, and then he takes me up the stairs to the secret lair where Captain Atom and the zoo crew are waiting to feed me to the crocodile that lives in my throat. Sigh/shalom.

I try to bottle my frustrations with people and put them in the ocean to sail away to foreign lands but they always somehow come right back to my doorstep, which confuses me as I live on the 14th floor and a good two miles or so from the sea, maybe seagulls are flying onto the lanai and depositing them for some ventricular deity that requires bottled messages to flow in a circle like the lifeblood of a heart, keeping flow in its proper order unto the day in which his power has been ambushed away by those that would waylay his ambassadors. Yeah, that’s a good way of saying it.