Tuesday, September 09, 2014

That oh oh oh song is stuck in my head and my ear.  Good time to mention that daughter #4 is officially here and the blessings are nonstop and if you’d asked me 20 years ago if my life would ever be this full and beautiful and all-encompassingly satisfying, I’d have called you a crazy person and called the chicken coop cadre.  Challenges are abundant and days are mad hectic and bees look at me and thank allah they ain’t so busy but would I have it any other way, nein, mein freunde, nein.

Staring at the moon last night with Mrs. P in the alf mantch and the light shone bright as an out out brief flashlight that the rooner would have come in on a unicycle and pontificated, I had an epiphany that only hit me the next day, but by then I’d forgotten it.  I know it was intensely meaningful, however, and it would take until the next time I was shrouded in mystery in the back seat of a Packard alone watching the rain-soaked streets of a decrepit and bankrupt megalopolis until I’d remember what exactly it was that urns from four countries were trying to coerce me into pontificating upon, and my instincts tell me at that time I won’t remember the point of reference to make any sense of it, but I will know, harken on this brethren, that only birds in flight in the Jetstream with goggles made of diamonds could fathom something as deep, deeper than Atlantis.