Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I can slowly feel it coming…something that if described properly is both 38th parallax while predicating infinitives.  don't try to predict it's direction, thou shalt wither in a salt vat.

Been too long, Lucille… so long that mustache man, tall, by you at the bar on Tuesday?, Hat, threads? He's now thinking beer + drank &  the magical night he never told you about, when he saw your face in topper’s pool, thru a window across a street, buying gum from Lloyd Braun.

Continuing on in the same vein, I feel it would be appropriate to point out that if you swim a shark to land you can’t force it to eat sand.  Well, with enough force and patience.

I mean who, if anyone could have predicted that the man with the suit made of diamonds would be an archvillain of the moleman… 3 people, all in different parts of the world.  Antarctica.  A small island in the carribean.  And Glendale CA. 

The third was the one that no one knew.  His name had not been spoken in civilized quarters for out least three eon.  The black orb that hung from his neck had been procured from a spice dealer on the pont du vecchio.  All that was gleaned from myriad sightings was that he was a Brandon.

You know that thing that was on drudge report about the politician that did a fillet bidet (?)  Well, was actually about fish and toiletry, but in a sanitary way.  All that they found at the scene was a scimitar.  Why, because greystoke the legend of tarzan foretold of a helmeted individual from another dimension, nothing to do with Thanagar, would come with a star on his forehead and talk about Jem and the scarlet raiders.  The way that she sung was eerily reminiscent of a crocodile hunter’s boat.