Saturday, June 05, 2004

Yo yo. Just a little wuddup. Having a super relaxing (I’ll edit out that super bit later, yah, it sounds retarded) Saturday morning. Prolly gonna go see harry potter today. I know, what a cliché, but what can I say, I am what I eat, and I had a steaming bowl of cliché pops for breakfast this morning, and I have to admit, they were delicious.

If you haven’t clickied the linkies I’ve layed around yet, click the pic above and know the inherent genius of the hobgoblin, (not the actual comic character, but the online entity, is that the right word? Whatevs, oh & ps, the link on the pic is to a review of that ish and the link on his nom de plume is to his main page a la index, and yes, you needed to know that, you were dying without that knowledge, you thirsted for it like jesus on his 39th night in the desert) this guy that travels the world writing in depth reviews of spider-man issues. (I doubt he’s traveling in the business of spider-man, he’s prolly making big deals for like cruise ship liaisons or something like that, but, I digress, again.) I can’t stop reading him. He and madgoblin (another spidey on line feller who writes these ingenius indepth analytical essays about spider-man, i mean, it's like war and peace but about fantasy land and it wasn't originally titled "war, what is it good for?") should hook up, maybe do an album together, they could be the next Morrissey and Big Pun. Some matches were just made in heaven. Hmmm, I don’t know, maybe they’re both to into the same subject matter, maybe it would be like earth 1 & earth 2 crashing into each other and we’d have to lose amazing characters like bat woman and the original robin again. Boo hoo hoo. Only people that read crisis on infinite earths will understand that (excellent story if you’re ready to delve DEEP into the DC mythos, I’d pick the trade paperback up if I were you, even though I’m not.)

So, um, I’m blabbing, hardcore nonsense generating is in full effect. So I will leave you with this thought: ovaltine. Live it love it learn it long for it, cuz it’s there and it can be achieved and you will thank me in the morning. Trust me. Aloha.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I am hungry. Veddy veddy hungry.

17 thousand some odd words of master thesis now, coming easier, got them out of Vegas, easier than expected, story naturally drifted there, characters starting to flesh out a little more, still finding them, the nature of their camaraderie is convenient for realistic slow development in that they bullshit and fuck with each other all the time but still have random thoughts pitter patter in when they theoretically should and should not do said knock knocking.

I’m wondering where it’s going, well, I mean where event wise, I’m sending them off to Colorado, so I know where geographically. Anybody know anything interesting out that way? It’s gonna be summertime, so no snow, so yeah, that kinda bores out aspen or vail or any of those strictly ski bum towns, but that’s not what I was really looking for anyway, I’m looking for like just a strait burb, but with it’s requisite quirks and odd duck wherewithalls that all suburbs have, but there’s gotta be city, not necessarily huge, but city nearby, so fuck, Colorado all I know is Denver, boulder, ummm, greely? Shit, can I get a witness, I’m sending them someplace I know nothing about, so educate a fooh if you got any 411. you meaning that guy in the back of my helmet making a rattle with a tambourine, man.

Shayayabba. Serially. Like, all I do is, shit, don’t get into that, nah, it’s like, though, fuck, just the tedium of t-bone enterprises, ya know? And not the steak like that, the one like this, but all depends on the size of the, uh, whateveryacallit. Fuck, sucking, was making points, doing something worthwhile for the gigasphere, abandon ship, abandon ship…

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

so, it is imperative that you understand that the jurk storr JUST called, well, in the last half hour, and that asses were whipped but in a competitive manner on imaginary yet real tables with gladiators clad in jeans and polo shirts, and there were like a shitload of hot cheerleaders like cheering and shit.

hmmm dee dee, well, isn’t it great about the, oh, you know, whatevertheycallits, that they’ve gotten their freedom & rights and then there’s little old wee willie winkie drunk down by the docks and what does he get? A 5 dollar perm and a ten dollar wallet, that’s what, and you know he’ll be pawning that shit on 1st street before the night is out.

It’s a sad state of affairs when the booj wah zee is like holding all the bacon & you’re not even allowed to eat it. actually, wait, oh yeah, you’re allowed to eat bacon later.

So yeah, it’s just a bunch of jurk storr crap, same ol same ol with a little nodule of extra savwah fair to blend in all nice but still give it that 8 ball kick, na mean? Even if you don’t just nod your head and eventually the little man with the big suitcase will slide quietly and efficiently out your door hopefully never to return.

But you never know so that’s why I use industrial strength drain-o on my toilet, it keeps that thing draining like a moe fo, oh, I mean, on my shower, yo, or else I used to at least, before we whut done gone did & moved on up to the west side (fo lizzife nizzle) or at least as close to it you can get in the arena of astro-medallion fundage we were allotted. And I didn’t mean for lizzife, that was just to sound all hardcore and shit.

So yeah, the only other thing I wanted to mention is that ian fleming is the fucking shit.