Saturday, July 03, 2004

so like an ode is on a Grecian urn, does that immediately relegate it to higher status in the echelon chart, I mean, I’m just curious. Hmmm. Ok, let’s try, no, ok, yes, well, watching roger moore’s 2nd bond flick I think, golden gun, purty good so far, like Christopher lee, the guy that fights yoda in star wars 2 is the main badass and tatoo from fantasy island is like his master henchman. Nuff said.

And then in news from the jurk storr, we take you live...

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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Ah shit, spidey’s already breaking the bank. If you don’t mind a few spoilers, I’d check out Harry Knowles’ review over at ain’t it cool. Yeah he’s a gladhanding asskisser most of the time, ok some of the time, ah shit, I don’t know, but I can’t disagree with a single word on this one, spidey 2 is the shit, the ultimate shit, as in the good shit. Best movie ever? Hmmm, we’ll see. But, well, you know the drill.

Ok, see this, marvel's stock update. Right now at 19.05. watch it rise friends, see how it’s been spiraling down leading up to the movie. Did the same thing before the first one, when I bought that shit for 7 bones. Yah I’m the shit. It was up around 25 for a while, well, it’s gonna bounce up to 30 mark words. And well, don’t take my word for it, but whatevs. And yah marvel ain’t necessarily banking off the movie cuz it’s sony, but still, I mean, their beak is getting dipped and there ain’t no bobby deniro around to tell them otherwise and they’re entitled anyway, so you get the jist.

This is kinda off topic, which I know is sacred ground here, but hose monster’s back in the saddle and, well, you just can’t miss that kind of activity if you’re a card carrying member of the negasphere. Wait, I shouldn’t utter that utterage, ie saddle and back, becuz, well, when I do it creates a jinx bathroom vortex and usually said writer vanishes in one of john p. coltrane’s twisted dreams faster than you can say tuna fish. And I know your lips and tongue are quick & fleet.

So I don’t know why I tell you half the shit I do it’s not like you care it’s not like it matters and it’s not like I’m charging you by the hour which I shouldn’t be it’s just, like, the shit is on the tip of my tongue and if I don’t spit it out I gotta smell it all day. Now you would do like me in said crisis mode as well, yes? Or no? c’mon, kotter, welcome yourself back to the fold, grab one of those director’s chairs and let’s have some goddamm fuckin cheez-its. Werd?

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

so, shit, spidey comes out today. ah shit my marvel stock is gonna skyrocket, i'm telling you, it'll dip right after the monster receipts tonite & then it will shoot up to like between 30 & 35 and if it hits 33, i'm selling, wait, fuck that, no, no fuck that shit all up in this bitch!

yah, you know spidey is on like a light switch. gots to get me some spidey. gots to GET it you know whut i'm saying, and i ain't reading ONE review. no no no no. i'mma just bask it in.

yes i am a DORK. aloha.

Pair and paranoid. Think about it. Brave and bold. Jurk and storr.

It’s like it was all meant to be. But not.

And it’s like, if you encountered a jinx bathroom situation and rather than rectifying it, or at least attempting to do said action, you just like ran with the flow except a better metaphor or simile if you so choose, and you weren’t allowed to edit out retarded shit for any reason except, no, there was no exception, not on that brave and bold day when rick and joe went out into the wilderness, and there were like 50 astromedallion version collective hotness of like these beach women from the planet barbizon. Wink wink nudge nudge, you know, say no more say no more.

Yup, as you can prolly imagine, it was reckless in texas that night fulla fright. The height of inane shite. A blight on humanity and all it requited. Ok not that last bit. But all that other shit, it was like, har, did you get it, like strait, no, I won’t say it, that’s stupid. No you’re stupid. No you are.

Ok, no seriously, you are. Ok no you’re not, I didn’t mean it.

yo. Hey, there’s a lot of discussion going on about the race between me and that Pringles backup dancer for most famous person ever. Ok most famous person ever to have no one recognize them anywhere. Ok, well, shit, this isn’t going the way I anticipated. Ok there is little or no talk in happenstance terms of the degree to which no one except for 3 astromedallions named huey are wondering why I am even pondering this item, well, fuck, I’d rather not explain, I’ve always estimated that I am prolly as famous, ok, not quite as famous, as said backup dancer. Fuck, this is really retarded.

N8 wrote a nice post about innernet reality checks. I’d suggest peeping it. Oh yeah, I just did.

Gawd I wanna erase all this crizzop. My pseudo personality de facto the longitudinal attitude adjustment, it all means nothing. I mean, look it up? He cannot aquit if the glove is a misfit. Fuck that’s lame.

I don’t where why or how I’m going with this. Clipper? Nah, I like how that’s all set and secure with the lottery pick riding high, slamming it down for Peoria high. Fuck a blog.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

So, yah, I’m, like, sick, of, like, fuck! Reading mike moore movie reviews YET I cannot stop reading them… isz that a redundancy of the mind with equine latitudes? Yah it’s like, nah, so, yah, fuckk all this shiteeee.

Oh ok yah, I gots a movie review for ya it’s like about the jurk storr ok no it’s not its’ about billy elliot this movie where this kid in England has to go to boxing class and sucks ass at it but he sees the girls doing ballerina class and he sneaks over there and gets all ballet on that motherfucker. I just erased a paragraph. Sorry. I know I said I’d never do that. You may now shoot me. In fact, I must insist. I’m too cowardly to commit suicide. Whoah I didn’t mean that. Just wanted to see whut it would look like in writing, really, I’m not depressed, I just want a pepsi. Just one FUCKING pepsi.

And some pepcid-AC cuz you know that shit gives me gas. This is SO jinx bathroom that the kookatroid patrol might come blasting the doors down with phasers NOT set on stun, they’ll be set to KILL and then they’ll blow through the top of your head and like splatter blood all over the wall and your lifeless head will smack up on the wall and you’ll like be checking out the room with your unseen eyes and like your legs all shaking with onset of rigamortis as your dead and overly not alive skull bangs like a gong one final time.

Ok I did not mean that. That was heavy. And that is my rendition of whut it feels like politically after having watched Fahrenheit 911. haha it was really a movie review the whole time and not the one that you thought about!!! Hee hee hee I am so funny. Ok no it wasn’t.

Fuck. There’s like an excessive amount of astromedallion patrolling going on in this sector of the negasphere, and ok, back on topic, ok, yah, I was gonna dissect that nasty death paragraph I did up there, and my theories on that it’s sudden outburst was a result of inundation of news of the world, and our role in policing via force certain of its sectors and the possible lies politics and back alley slided hand deal making was going into a large and evermore illuminated realm of insanity bastardville. Plus and my mind has been poisoned by seeing janet’s tittie.

Monday, June 28, 2004

so yo wussup, saw fairenheit 9/11 yesterday, and yah it hits pretty hard, so go watch it, I’d recommend it, but like I said to Mrs. P before we headed out to catch it, it’s like, “you ready to be brainwashed?” cuz it’s like, yo, total perspectiveness and he does overdo the one lady crying, one of many points made by hitchens in this, yes, long winded, but nonetheless interesting article.

Nod of the hat to tp for that link, and well, let’s just say tony didn’t like, it, he loved the moore film, but, then, well, I don’t know if I loved it, I’ll say that I didn’t, but I did very much enjoy it, and it did make me think, like at the rate of 9 billion astromedallions per every 45 seconds or quantamount to that amount.

Fuck. I don’t know. It got me all depressed on our world, or, nay our nation, and just what, fuck, people will do for a buck, for a fukn buck, they’ll just slurp johnsons like there’s no tomorrow at a more hardcore rate than jenna jameson at her slooch flanging best, I mean, ok, they’re metaphorical dicks, as in I don’ think the bush family is actually applying felatio to the Saudis and the bin laden family well, fuck, I mean, they financed all his shit, but perspective, perspective, shit, my observation and critical analysis of it would be go see the movie, know you’re gonna learn a lot but also get subjected to some pretty extreme levels of mind cleansing and not in the good way, fukc, no other way to say brainwashed.

Well, there are, but I digress.

Highly recommended, but then temper it the next day with reading the linked above hitchens piece. Moore takes just as much time if not more getting his point across, and yes he’s prolly the more better film guy than hitch but fuck, I mean, writing is not a lost art as some jolly giants know, and it’s like, you can meet sword with tooth and like curds and whey, all up in the middle, like that. Or not.

Fuck that last paragraph.